10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

Lake Geneva Cities

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If you are planning to visit Lake Geneva and wondering where to stay, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will tell you about all the best towns and cities on the shores of Lake Geneva. From the biggest cities in the region to the prettiest lakeside towns, we have included all the best places to stay and visit in the Lake Geneva region.

Whether you are looking for a bustling city or a peaceful town, Lake Geneva has it all. Explore the vibrant city of Geneva, where you can discover the headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross. Enjoy the picturesque towns of Montreux and Lausanne, which offer stunning views of the lake and the Swiss Alps.

If you are looking for a laid-back experience, you can visit the charming lakeside towns of Vevey and Nyon, which are perfect for day trips from the larger hubs on the lakeshore. You can also explore the beautiful medieval town of Yvoire on the French side of the lake, which is known for its stunning flower displays and cobbled streets.

No matter where you choose to stay, you will find plenty of activities to keep you entertained. From watersports and hiking to exploring the local cuisine and vineyards, Lake Geneva has something for everyone.

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

10) Lutry

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Lutry, a hidden gem near Lake Geneva!

Lutry is a picturesque town situated in Lavaux-Oron, in close proximity to Lausanne. The area is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lavaux wine region, which is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts. A trip to Lutry would be incomplete without experiencing the delightful local wines.

The town boasts stunning architecture that lines its charming cobblestone alleys. One of its top attractions is a castle that draws a lot of tourists. However, if you're not content with just wine-tasting, there are limited tourist attractions, and you may find yourself bored quickly.

Although Lutry is a great town to explore in a single afternoon, it's not ideal for a longer stay as it lacks the variety of content that other nearby towns offer.

Location Attractions
Lutry Charming cobblestone alleys and beautiful architecture, the Lavaux wine region, and a castle.
Lausanne The Olympic Museum, Lausanne Cathedral, The Collection de l'Art Brut museum, and more.
Montreux The famous Chillon Castle, Montreux Jazz Festival, and beautiful lakeside promenades.

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

9) Évian-les-Bains

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Discovering Évian-les-Bains: A French Spa Town on Lake Geneva

Évian-les-Bains is a charming town located on the southern shore of Lake Geneva/Lac Leman in France, known for its elite spa facilities and famous Évian water. But there's more to this town than just its luxurious spas.

As you explore the town, you'll notice a fascinating contrast between the impressive buildings lining the main road and the more run-down structures as you venture further up the hills. The mixture of old and new buildings adds to the town's unique charm.

The Garibaldi House, Palais Lumière, and Buvette Cachat are just a few of the highlights that await you in Évian-les-Bains. Additionally, the town is home to several museums and art galleries, offering a glimpse into the area's rich history and culture.

Location Description
Évian-les-Bains An elite spa town on the southern shore of Lake Geneva/Lac Leman, known around the world for its spas and famous Évian water.
Architecture The town features a contrast between impressive buildings on the main road and more run-down structures further up the hills, creating a unique charm.
Highlights The Garibaldi House, Palais Lumière, Buvette Cachat, museums, and art galleries are just a few of the attractions waiting to be explored.

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

8) Prangins

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Prangins Castle and Surrounding Gardens

Located in the Small Lake/Petit Lac region of Lake Geneva, right next to Nyon, lies the charming town of Prangins. Its 18th-century castle is the highlight of the town, drawing visitors from all over the world. The castle is now a museum that offers a glimpse into the region's history.

Attractions Description
Prangins Castle The castle is an 18th-century building that has been converted into a museum. It is the most popular attraction in Prangins.
Surrounding Gardens The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens that offer visitors a relaxing place to sit and take in the scenery.

Although Prangins is more of a suburb of Nyon and doesn't have many features, the castle and surrounding gardens are definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. However, if you're looking for more things to do and see, Nyon is a better option since it has more content to keep visitors busy.

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

7) Gruyères

Gruyères is a medieval town in the Freiburg canton, situated just 30 minutes away by car from the Lake Geneva shore. It's a fantastic destination for travelers who want to explore the surrounding area.

The town is famous for its namesake cheese - the Gruyère cheese, which is the most popular type of Swiss cheese in Switzerland and western Europe. But that's not all - Gruyères is also home to some stunning medieval structures, including the breathtaking 13th-century Gruyères Castle.

One of the most popular attractions in town is the HR Giger Museum and bar, inspired by the work of the famous Swiss artist known for his contributions to the Alien franchise. The museum and bar are unique experiences that you won't find anywhere else.

Attractions Features
Gruyères Castle 13th-century medieval castle with breathtaking architecture
Gruyère Cheese Most popular Swiss cheese in Switzerland and western Europe
HR Giger Museum Unique museum inspired by the famous Swiss artist and his contributions to the Alien franchise
HR Giger Bar Bar with a design inspired by the work of the famous Swiss artist

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

6) Morges

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Morges: A Charming Town on Lake Geneva's Northern Shore

Morges is a lovely little town situated at the Grand Lac/Large Lake basin, on Lake Geneva's northern shore. This picturesque town boasts a beautiful castle, charming cobblestone streets, gardens, and a variety of excellent restaurants. Visitors to this town are in for a treat, as it's truly one of the prettiest towns on the shore of Lake Geneva and worth visiting.

Rich in history that dates back to the Bronze Age, many of the landmarks and buildings in Morges were constructed during medieval times. One of the most recognizable landmarks in town is the Morges Castle, closely followed by the charming old town.

Landmarks and Buildings Description
Morges Castle A beautiful and recognizable landmark in town
Charming old town A picturesque area of the town constructed during medieval times
Tulip garden A beautiful garden, best experienced in late spring

Visitors can also enjoy museums, galleries, shops, and restaurants, which can keep them busy for days. Morges is a true gem and a must-visit for anyone exploring the northern shore of Lake Geneva.

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

5) Nyon

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Nyon: A Fascinating Town with a Rich History

Nyon is a charming municipality nestled on the northwestern shore of Lake Geneva, part of the Geneva metropolitan area. With a population of over 21,500 people, the town has seen a slow but steady growth in recent years. Interestingly, most of its residents are foreign nationals who have been drawn to the town’s serene beauty and tranquil surroundings.

The town is located in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, and about 75% of its population speaks the language. Nyon has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the Bronze Age, with evidence of human activity found in the area. However, it was the Romans who founded the town between 50 and 44 BC.

Nyon's history is reflected in the many historical landmarks scattered throughout the town. Some of the most popular attractions include the Nyon castle, the Roman Museum, the Roman Columns, and Leman Lake Museum. Visitors can also explore other landmarks, galleries, museums, shops, and restaurants while enjoying the picturesque scenery of the lake.

Interesting Facts About Nyon

Nyon Statistics
Location Northwestern shore of Lake Geneva
Population Over 21,500
Language Spoken About 75% of the population speaks French
Founding Founded by Romans between 50 and 44 BC
Attractions Nyon castle, Roman Museum, Roman Columns, and Leman Lake Museum

If you are planning to visit Lake Geneva, Nyon is a town that should be on your must-visit list. With its rich history, cultural attractions, and stunning natural scenery, it is truly a hidden gem in the region.

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

4) Lausanne

Are you planning a trip to the Lake Geneva region and wondering where to stay? Look no further than Lausanne, the largest city in the area by size! Located on upper Lake Geneva, it is the perfect place for travelers who want to explore the surrounding cities and towns. With easy boat connections to every major lakeside town and train connections to other urban areas, you can easily visit places on opposite sides of the lake and other nearby Swiss towns.

But why leave Lausanne when there are so many exciting things to see and do? You can visit the famous Sauvabelin Tower, wander through beautiful botanical gardens, and explore excellent art and history museums. Don't forget to take a stroll through the charming old town and admire the stunning architecture.

City Attractions
Lausanne Sauvabelin Tower, botanical gardens, art and history museums, charming old town

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

3) Geneva

Are you looking for an exciting destination to explore? Look no further than Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland. With a multitude of cultural attractions, important landmarks, and international organizations, Geneva is the perfect base for your next adventure.

Outdoor enthusiasts will be in heaven in Geneva. Surrounded by mountains, there are plenty of hiking trails and Alpine summits to explore. Mont Blanc, Mont Tendre, and Rocher de Naye are just a few of the stunning peaks you can conquer on a day trip from the city.

No visit to Geneva is complete without a visit to its most famous landmark, the Jet d’Eau. This iconic water fountain is a symbol of the city and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Switzerland. But that's not all! Jardin Anglais, St Pierre Cathedral, Bains des Pâquis, and Palais de Nations are just a few of the other popular attractions worth visiting in the city.

Attractions in Geneva Distance from Geneva
Jardin Anglais 1.6 km
St Pierre Cathedral 2.3 km
Bains des Pâquis 2.5 km
Palais de Nations 3.5 km
Mont Blanc 69.6 km
Mont Tendre 35.2 km
Rocher de Naye 19.5 km

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

2) Vevey

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Situated on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva, the small town of Vevey is a hidden gem in Switzerland, perfect for those looking for a peaceful and charming lakeside experience. But what makes this town truly special is its connection to one of the world's most beloved actors, Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin lived in Corsier-sur-Vevey for over two decades, and the town has many attractions centered around the famous actor. One of the must-see attractions is Chaplin's World, a museum located in the former home of the actor. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the life of Charlie Chaplin through memorabilia and interactive exhibits. It's one of the best museums near Lake Geneva and definitely worth a visit, even if you're not staying in Vevey.

But Vevey has plenty more to offer beyond the Chaplin connection. The Vevey Photography Museum is a great spot for photography lovers, while the lakeside public parks offer stunning views and peaceful walks. And of course, no trip to Vevey would be complete without a visit to the iconic fork monument, which stands as a symbol of the town's culinary heritage. For those interested in the world of food, Alimentarium is an interesting museum that's definitely worth checking out.

But the town's location is also a big draw for tourists. Vevey is an excellent base for exploring the surrounding area, with plenty of day trips to other towns on Lake Geneva. Montreux is just a four-minute train ride away, while Lausanne is only 20 minutes away. And if you're looking for a taste of the great outdoors, there are many mountains and nature parks to explore in the area.

Name Attraction
Charlie Chaplin Chaplin's World museum
Vevey Photography Museum Photography museum
Iconic Fork Monument Culinary heritage symbol
Alimentarium Food museum

10 BEST Lake Geneva Cities & TOWNS TO EXPLORE in 2023 : Discover the Hidden Lake Geneva Cities

1) Montreux

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If you're a fan of the legendary Freddie Mercury and Queen, Montreux is the perfect destination for you! Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Montreux is where Freddie Mercury lived and recorded six albums with the band. Want to take it a step further? You can even stay in his iconic apartment, but be prepared to pay a hefty price.

In addition to the Queen landmarks and memorabilia, Montreux is also home to various art galleries, museums, public parks, and more. This charming town is an ideal starting point for further exploration of the region, thanks to its excellent train connections to nearby towns.

While you're here, make sure to visit the Castle of Chillon in Veytaux, explore Chaplin's World in Corsier-sur-Vevey, or take a train ride to Rocher de Naye for some hiking and to explore a fabulous mountain summit in the Swiss Alps.

Moreover, Montreux is famous for hosting the Montreux Jazz Festival, the second-largest jazz festival in the world. All jazz lovers must add this to their bucket list.

Artist Name Notable Achievement
Freddie Mercury Recorded six albums with Queen in Montreux
Charlie Chaplin Born in Corsier-sur-Vevey, a town near Montreux
Montreux Jazz Festival Second-largest jazz festival in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Which French town is closest to Geneva?

Annemasse is the closest large French town to Geneva. It is approximately 4km away from the city.

Which Swiss city is beside Lake Geneva?

The two Swiss cities that sit beside Lake Geneva are Lausanne and Geneva. There are also some well-known towns such as Nyon, Vevey, and Montreux.

French Town Distance from Geneva
Annemasse 4km
Swiss City/Town Location
Lausanne Beside Lake Geneva
Geneva Beside Lake Geneva
Nyon Beside Lake Geneva
Vevey Beside Lake Geneva
Montreux Beside Lake Geneva